Friday, December 08, 2006


Brian, Justin, and Jared on Condoriti, Bolivia

In an effort to raise both awareness and capital for Lung Cancer Research, Justin Hewitt and I are working in cooperation with LUNGevity to climb Mt. Everest in the spring of 2007. It is our belief that the publicity gained from such an expedition can be used for the greater good of informing the public of the desperate need for further lung cancer research.
We intend to climb the Northeast Ridge of Everest with logistical support from Asian Trekking as far as Advanced Base Camp (ABC). Crucial to the goals of our expedition, we are to climb Everest in an environmentally conscientious manner while respecting the rights and needs of the Sherpa people. Although we will be bring
supplemental oxygen for emergency purposes, we hope to climb in purist style avoiding fixed lines whenever possible. In order to achieve this goal without oxygen we have allowed an additional two weeks of acclimatization that will allow our bodies to adjust to the high altitude.
Through my climbing experiences I have found a distinct similarity between lung cancer and the affects of high altitude. Basically, the human lung is put under the most extreme stress possible in both scenarios. However, only one is a celebration of the strength of healthy human lungs.

Walt, Justin, Brian, and Jared in Nepal


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