Thursday, January 18, 2007


Brain on Cayambe Photo by Ricki Sheldon

Brian just finished a couple of weeks of climbing in Ecuador, which kicked off the beginning of serious training for Everest. In Venezuela Katie and him tried to summitt Peako Bolivar but had some problems getting a permit to climb, which seems to be the normal problem for foreigners. Instead we camped at around 15,000 to get aclimated for Ecuador. After a couple of weeks with the fam in Colombia Brian and Katie headed to Ecuador. We both successfully climbed Cayambe (the picture up above) at 18,996 ft. Next Brian went on to climb Chimborazo twice which is the tallest mountain in Ecuador at 20,703 feet.

Justin is also planning a bunch of trips to climb some 14ers around Colorado. The plan for both of them is to get 2-3 hours of training in a day and a couple of long days a week with heavy packs on. We will try to keep updating the training with photos.