Thursday, February 01, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, I would call it that but its slightly less than ideal for training. In fact jogging in Bainbrook and ice climbing in the Metropark's is starting to get a little old. It's definately opened up sometime to get all the equipment and fundraisers in place which I think we are starting to make some excellent progress on.
As for Gear, it looks like everything has come together, and I would say that 98% percent of the orders are in. For all the gear heads out there we are going with: Marmot 8000 meter pants and jacket in a tangerine orange, Justin has the Millet gigantic boots, and I'm going with the La Sportiva Olympus Mons. Those are the most exciting new pieces but the list goes on and on. It might be a good idea to remind us that we're not suppose to be wearing that stuff in public, as it is so sweet it will be hard to avoid.
We definately appreciate the support of Wild Mercantile out of Athens, OH, and Ute Mountaineer out of Aspen, CO, for sorting us out on everything.
Its looking like we have some sweet events coming up. Andy (Art) is doing a little party at Jackie O's in Athens on Feb 17th with door proceeds going to the expedition. Also, he's releasing ChomoLUNGma honey nut brown ale that day with the entire batchs' sales going to our cause. Lastly, I'll be doing a slideshow presentation on the 18th consisting of previous climbs, and the logistics, preparation, and overview of the Everest climb ahead. Justin's working out the details of a similar event at Road 34 in Fort Collins sometime in late February.
We're also hoping to get this blog a little more updated, as well as a blog on lung cancer support community (LCSC), and even thinking about being myspacer's, wahoo.


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