Friday, April 06, 2007

The Rest of Everest

Hey guys- Brian and Justin are in route to Base Camp, which will be home until June 1st. Also, Halle just told me about the podcasts that Brian and Justin have been doing with The Rest of Everest.

"A Colorado filmmaker Jon Miller who created “The Rest of Everest,” an award-winning podcast about an Everest expedition, will return to Tibet this month to broadcast more climbing adventures. In this groundbreaking effort, Jon Miller will be the first to travel to the Himalaya specifically to document expeditions through podcasting."

Brian and Justin will be doing dispatches through "The Rest of Everest" which includes interviews and stories from the mountain. is where you can listen to all the updates. You can also see their video from the Denver news at and click on podcast episodes and then click on the top story.

Thanks to Jon Miller and The Rest of Everest, and once again thanks to Major King from the Denver News!!!


Blogger macrae said...

My gratitude to Major King & Jon Miller. Major, your story for the Denver News is amazing. Jon, thanks for giving us the chance to hear Brian & Justin from Tibet.
Safe travels to Base Camp!

8:32 PM  
Blogger chriskane said...

this is great...i'm so excited...

9:24 PM  

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