Monday, March 05, 2007

Back to Cleveland

Justin and I had an excellent couple of weeks sorting through the million tasks that we have going on. I'm heading back to Ohio from Colorado today with only 10 days until departure for Nepal, ahhhhhhh. To try and sum things up from the last few
The fundraiser in Fort Collins was great with an amazing number of people helping us out and generally just being extremely supportive.

Although we did not spend as much time in the mountains training as we would have liked, we did have an excellent couple of days in Rocky Mountain National Park. Major King from Channel 7 news based in Denver did some filiming of Justin and I on an approach to Mount Lady Washington, which is next to Longs Peak. He also managed to get a solid ways up our route (Marsha) and get some solid coverage of us getting ready to head up the more interesting pitches of the climb. Most notably we were able to go unroped for the majority of the climb due to the relative security of the route with a ton of snow on it. At times we were post-holing up to our chests in snow (not sure if that is postholing or just straight swimming). Anyways it made for an excellent day which all in all took us over 13 hours.
We've finally managed to finish off our t-shirts which are now for sale and looking pretty good. We should have some pictures online in a day or so, but if you are interested please let us know.

As for the next ten days, its going to be hectic and I'm sure to make a serious mess of the house as the real packing begins. I have a slide show in Bainbridge this thursday at 6:00 pm at the Hunt Club. Mostly I'll be talking about the climb ahead, LUNGevity, and our overall itinerary.
The Hunt Club
8370 E Washington St
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
(440) 543-4823

After that I'm headed down Athens, OH to pick up the rest of our equipment and some food from Athen's Own.
As for Justin I'm sure he'll be doing way to much in too little time. I beleive he's headed back to Aspen to pick up the rest of his gear and hopefully get some more training in.
We're expecting to be on Channel 7 news sometime this week, and we'll let you all know as soon as we find out.
Have a great day!!!!!!


Blogger Lesley said...

Support all around you, everyone has spread the news. I actually recvd this from my mom, who recvd from Sandy Riley who got it from Bob Sterns somehow, possibly Carla from Danielle?!?! Anyway, im so proud of you and support you all the way!! How do we make donations? Congrats O!

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