Saturday, April 07, 2007

Arrival in China

We've had an interesting couple of travel days and now find ourselves in Nyalam, China. I could'nt use the T-word there because Hu Jintao does not approve of that word. Both Zangmu and Nyalam have been relatively disgusting towns with a total lack of decent hotels and restaurants. We're hoping to speed up our itinerary to base camp by a day or two because of our previous acclimatization. Not sure if this will be possible, and if it is it will probably involve traveling with all of the team's equipment, so basically a tight fit.
We had the opportunity to meet Jon Miller in Katmandu who has been kind enough to include us in his everest podcasts, which have a respectable audience. So basically Justin and I will be able to do direct voice dispatches to his website in order to update everyone on our progress. The address is , and hopefully we will get a satellite feed tonight to make another posting.
Well, we hope all are well and look forward to updating you further!
Namaste, Brian


Blogger Kristy said...

Hi! I came across your blog via Ya'll are living my dream of climbing Everest! I hope you have a wonderful time and stay in good health!

Clemson, South Carolina

2:22 AM  

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