Sunday, April 22, 2007

Upcoming News Broadcast, April 27th

I got a quick call from Brain yesterday. He & Justin are doing well at ABC. On Friday, April 27th, Cleveland's NBC affiliate, WKYC Channel 3, will air a story about Brian & LUNGevity on the 11pm news. Paul Thomas, a reporter for WKYC, quickly took interest in Brian's cause and has been avidly working on this story since. If all goes as planned, the guys will be live via satellite phone during the broadcast. Hopefully there will be a video link at I'll keep you posted.


Blogger Jonathan said...

Major King from KMGH Channel 7 in Denver is also planning on airing another story about the guys in a week. I'll be meeting with Major in a couple of days to provide him with footage I shot of Brian and Justin up at base camp.

I'll also be trying to get the same footage into the hands of WKYC.

So, in summary, I'll be tring to give my footage of BC to KMGH, and WKYC ASAP...just FYI...whew!


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