Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Finally at Base Camp

Brian just called and they just made it to base camp. They are very relieved to be out of the car and the disgusting towns on the way to camp (he says to brace yourself Rachel). They had to bribe their driver to leave for base camp earlier.

It is a beautiful sunny morning and they are charging up all of their equipment with their solar charger. Camp is really crowded with a ton of climbers, but they are really excited to have arrived at there new home. The food so far is pretty tasty, including egg sandwiches and oatmeal. They also did another podcast that I don’t believe is up yet, but make sure to check again soon. http://tibet2007.therestofeverest.com/

Also, Rachel and I leave in 10 days so it’s the last chance for any prayer flags or care packages that can be brought over to Brian and Justin. Feel free to contact me with any questions koestrike@hotmail.com Thanks for reading.


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