Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Island Peak Pictures

Greetings all and apologies for the interruption,

Before the guys start their climb I wanted to take a moment to post a few pictures and fun info from the acclimitization trek they just completed.


Island Peak, or Imja Tse (20283 feet / 6183 meters), was selected as Justin and Brian's acclimatization peak because it offers an easy and accessible means of sleeping at high elevation. I now realize that my definition of 'easy and accessible' differs slightly from Justin and Brian's. I hope you enjoy the following Island Peak photos:

Our yellow tent sat at approximately 17,500 feet

Justin and Brian demonstrate that it's important not to forget about one's sense of personal style and fashion even when going two weeks without a shower.

Justin and Brian on top of Island Peak with Lotse Shar
in the background ->

<-Justin descends from Island Peak after soloing the steep face.
.........Watching the sun go down from high camp


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Thanks Chris, your pictures are great!!!

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