Friday, April 20, 2007

More News from ABC

I hope this finds each of you well. Brian called earlier today and says hello to everyone. After spending some time down at Base Camp he is back at ABC. He sounded fantastic and is feeling great. He and Justin have a lot of energy, are in high spirits and “eating like horses”. I feel for the cook tent folks after seeing their eating display on the trek! (Chris you’re included in that one)

The weather at ABC is rather windy and about zero degrees with the wind chill factor. The night sky has been exceptionally clear making for unbelievable views of the stars from 21,000 feet. As Justin said in his call, they had to build yak ‘barriers’ around their camp so the beasts don’t mangle tent lines. Just a side note; the Discover Channel camp is set up next to them at ABC. My fingers are crossed that the TV crews will air a shot of the LUNGevity flag.

They guys will ascend to the North Col (23,000 ft) on Monday or Tuesday. Brain indicated that they will make 2-3 trips up with gear before staying overnight at the NC camp. The numerous trips help ensure they are properly acclimatized. They are excited that Katie and Rachel are en-route and are waiting patiently to continue up the mountain.
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